SPB-Linux 2: USB boot process

SPB-Linux 2: grub boot menu 

SPB-Linux 2: mounting USB memory stick

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Take your Linux together with your keys in your pocket. You can put SPB-Linux 2 on a memory stick and boot directly from the memory stick.

You want to test SPB-Linux with browser mozilla and WLAN support? Try SPB-Linux 2.2 here (at sourceforge.net)

The final version is released. You can download SPB-Linux 2.0
   - either from "home" (www.spblinux.de/2.0/)
   - or from the mirror (http://spblinux.ch.vu)

(The previous floppy disk centered version SPB-Linux 1.01 is available at www.spblinux.de/1.0 ).

Why is it called SPB-Linux? Simply because the first version was created at St. Petersburg, Russia: (back to top)


new after release SPB-Linux 2.0:

new with release SPB-Linux 2.0:

new with release SPB-Linux 2rc5:

new with release SPB-Linux 2rc4:

new with release SPB-Linux 2rc3:

digicam picture viewer booted from usb storage device

movie player

analyze your network


man pages of programs of SPB-Linux

midnight commander, telnet, ftp....


Requirements: (back to top)

Windows tools: rawritewin (write floppy disk images), tightvnc (remote desktop client and server), putty (ssh client, replacing telnet), winscp (comfortable ssh based file copy tool)

License: GPL (free non commercial and commercial use as described by the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)

Feedback welcome: osth@freesurf.ch
Christian Ostheimer, 2003-03

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