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How to get started:

Required: USB storage device and a pc which boots from it
(else study the alternatives in http://www.8ung.at/spblinux/)
- check out for pos software
- Find out more starting small business tips

where do I find the mentioned "makebootable"-command?
only inside spblinux: boot spblinux from floppy disk or make a bootable cd (see minimalsystem.zip in 2.1b11 at sourceforge)

Installation of bootloader GRUB does not work:

Use syslinux instead of grub:

Installation of GRUB //without// syslinux:

New, 2004.12.28: SPBLinux 2.1b12 comes with grub shell and has an extended makebootable command;
so if you have SPBLinux 2.1b12 running, you can install grub without syslinux using the makebootable command (C.O.).

Requirements and assumptions (as of 2004.12.12 , other distributions and software versions not tested):

Procedure (with some thought-shortcuts; thanks for the detailed instructions :-) C.O.):
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Appended kernel parameter
to fix PnP? related kernel panic on booting SPB 2.1 (beta 11)
-- (2004-07-23 09:51:31)
QUOTE: copy all files from spb to /mnt/stick and put softlinks to kernel and ramdisk into /mnt/stick/boot
How am I supposed to create softlinks on an vfat filesystem?
-- genius.kawo2.RWTH-Aachen.DE (2005-07-02 00:26:44)
Thanks for the correction. C.O.
-- d213-103-151-253.cust.tele2.ch (2005-07-04 21:45:54)
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